Analyses currently being applied include:

Zooarchaeology Dr Robin Bendrey

Isotope analyses Dr Robin Bendrey, Dr Gundula Mueldner

Molluscs Nicholas Harper, Prof Martin Bell, Dr Jean Ridout-Sharpe

Biological Anthropology William Owen, Dr Mary Lewis, Dr Gundula Mueldner

Archaeobotany Jade Whitlam, Dr Amy Bogaard, Dr Mike Charles, Dr Mark Nesbitt, Hengameh Ilkhani

Phytolith analyses Sarah Elliott, Dr Lisa-Marie Shillito

Micromorphology Dr Wendy Matthews, Sarah Elliott

Biomolecular analyses by GC-MS Dr Ian Bull, Dr Lisa-Marie Shillito, Dr Wendy Matthews

Portable XRF, XRD, laser granulometry Sarah Elliott, QUEST, Dr Wendy Matthews

Geophysics Dave Thornley

Microarchaeology Ingrid Iversen

Material culture, portable XRF analyses and database manager Dr Amy Richardson

Chipped stone Prof Roger Matthews, Zoe Robinson

Groundstone David Mudd

Pottery Prof Lisa Cooper, Prof Zuhayr Rijib, Kamal Aziz

The spring and summer 2012 teams comprised:

Roger Matthews University of Reading Project Co-Director, lithics, excavation

Wendy Matthews University of Reading Project Co-Director, micromorphology, excavation

Kamal Rasheed Raheem Sulaimaniyah Antiquities Co-Director

Sabr Ahmed Sulaimaniyah Antiquities Representative, excavation, ceramics

Kamal Aziz Sulaimaniyah Antiquities Representative, excavation, ceramics

Hero Salih Sulaimaniyah Antiquities Excavation

Halala Salih Sulaimaniyah Antiquities Excavation

Zuhair Rijib University of Baghdad Ceramics

Robin Bendrey University of Reading Archaeozoology, excavation

Amy Richardson University of Reading Finds, data-base, excavation, pXRF analyses

Sarah Elliott University of Reading Micromorphology, excavation, pXRF analyses

Jade Whitlam University of Reading Archaeobotany

Dave Thornley University of Reading Geophysics

Chris Beckman University of Reading Photography, excavation

Ingrid Iversen University of Reading Micro-archaeology, excavation

Nick Harper University of Reading Excavation, molluscs

David Mudd University of Reading Ground-stone, excavation

William Owen University of Reading Excavation, biological anthropology

Mike Charles University of Sheffield Archaeobotany

Amy Bogaard University of Oxford Archaeobotany (in Oxford)

Gemma Martin University of Sheffield Botany

Zoe Robinson Oxford Brookes University Chipped stone

Lisa Cooper University of British Columbia Ceramics, excavation