For a period of six weeks, from 20th July till 30th August 2008, the CZAP team conducted excavations at the two sites of Sheikh-e Abad and Jani.

Government support was kindly provided throughout the season by:

  • Dr Leila Khosrawi ICAR Representative, Tehran
  • Sa’id Dustani ICHHTO, Kermanshah Asadolahe Beyranvand ICHHTO, Kermanshah
  • Mozafar Sohrabi ICHHTO, Kermanshah
  • Mr Rashnou ICHHTO, Eslam Abad

The 2008 team included specialists and students from all three universities as well as from Tehran University:

  • Dr Timothy Astin: geophysics, topographic survey
  • Garrard Cole: osteoarchaeology and zooarchaeology
  • Hengameh Ilkhani: archaeobotany
  • Sarah Luddy: archaeobotany
  • Dr Gundula Müldner: isotopes, osteoarchaeology
  • Hojjat Darabi: excavation, lithics
  • Lisa Marie Shillito: excavation, micromorphology, phytoliths, organic residues
  • Helen Taylor: excavation, lithics, data-base
  • Cecilie Lelek Tvetmarken: excavation, zooarchaeology
  • Behzad Balmaki: excavation, illustration
  • Mehdi Daryaie: excavation
  • Ardeshir Javanmard: excavation, topographic survey
  • Ahad Momenpor: excavation, micro-artefacts
  • Dr Michael Seymour: excavation, site presentation
  • Jennifer Booth: conservation
  • Parinaz Bahar Aghdam: illustration
  • Parvin Ranjbary Ahsan: illustration
  • Nazli Niazi: illustration
  • Margaret Mathews: post-excavation illustration
  • Helen Stokes: post-excavation data-base, micro-artefacts